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anjan Commented on 10/07/2019

Which CSS property allows you to hide an element but still maintain the space it occupies in the web page?

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Afjal Replied on 10/07/2019

Visibility: hidden; Use this
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Nazhik Commented on 10/07/2019

What is the use of an iframe tag in HTML?

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Ram Replied on 10/07/2019

An iframe is used to display a web page within a web page.
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Soubhik Commented on 08/06/2019

Please provide sample questions for online exams.

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Admin Replied on 10/06/2019

Thanks for questions and suggestions, we will provide it soon.
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Ryk Replied on 10/06/2019

Yes, admin should have also provide the Online Exam and questions for sample.
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Ritesh Commented on 08/06/2019

Which type of questions are come in CCC exam ? Please tell.

Satish Commented on 08/06/2019

NDA ka form kb aaega ?

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Admin Replied on 11/06/2019

we will notify when it will come.
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Rohit Commented on 02/06/2019

How I prepare for Afcat 2?

Nimesh Commented on 01/06/2019

What is the minimum 12th percentage required for IIT JEE ?

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Ajeet Replied on 02/06/2019

It totaly depends on your board.
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Ramashankar Yadav Replied on 01/06/2019

For CBSE you need at least 75% or top 20% percentile of CBSE. But for state board its varies from state to state if you are in top 20% percentile then its okay.
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